Andrew Buhler’s path to becoming a head chef began after taking a cooking class in high school, he was hooked. He enrolled in Culinary Arts through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program and quickly stood out at the top of his class. Logging long hours in many fine dining establishments he quickly worked his way up the ranks and was soon helping run some very prominent kitchens. After finishing the OYAP program he enrolled in St. Clair’s Culinary Arts and Management program and once again finished in the top of his class.
Andrew started his work at Billy’s in 2009 under the supervision of Chef Stewart. Working closely with Stewart he quickly moved up the ranks learning the various intricacies of the kitchen. Opportunity knocked when Chef Stewart announced his eventual departure and in May of 2011 Andrew was promoted to head Chef.
Today Chef Andrew oversees a team of 12 cooks in the Kitchen at Billy’s. Residing in Essex, he is a local home grown success story. With a passion for quality food he is always working to better the menu with new ideas and techniques. Andrew may work behind the scenes but his results take centre stage every day.
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